How to Spot Signs of Storm Damage in Your Home’s Roof

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October 21, 2022

If a storm has passed through your property, it’s crucial to check your roof for any concealed damage. High wind or hail damage frequently hides under roofing materials or in obscure locations.

You can ensure that any damage is identified and fixed before it results in more serious issues by having a comprehensive examination of your roof performed by Vermont roofing contractors.

You are shielded from the elements by your roof. A well-maintained roof can withstand wind, rain, and sweltering summer heat. But occasionally, a storm may be too strong for your roof to survive. The storm may potentially cause damage to your roof. 

You are no longer protected from even warmer temperatures by a damaged roof. You must thus be able to spot concealed storm damage on your roof. 

Storm damage may be swiftly found and repaired, protecting your roof from further damage. It won’t be sufficient to prevent further harm if you try to defend your house. 

Furthermore, you may avoid shelling out thousands of dollars for pricey repairs or roof replacements. Here are tips on how to find storm damage on your roof and where to find a roof company: 

Security First

You might want to climb up on your roof following a storm to inspect it properly. 

As a responsible homeowner, you want to preserve your biggest investment by taking all reasonable precautions. 

Consider your safety for a minute before climbing to your roof. Your roof could be slippery and sticky, especially after rain.

Roofs can be dangerous even after the ground has dried out. It may be slick and difficult to spot if even a little mold or algae has established itself. 

Additionally, the structural integrity of your roof may be in jeopardy if there has been any impact damage from falling debris. Very minimal visible damage will likely result from a large branch striking your roof. 

However, if you fall through your roof and land on the decking underneath the shingles, your roof and you can sustain damage. 

In certain circumstances, protecting your roof best involves staying off of it. Other than scaling your roof, there are a few other ways you may find concealed damage. 

Have a professional roofing company examine if all other options have been tried and if you are still concerned that your roof may be damaged. 

Indicators of Hail Damage

Searching for storm damage that is not immediately connected to the damage to your roof is one of the finest and safest methods to find storm damage. If a storm generates hail, check your home for additional damage. 

Look for dents in your house’s siding. Look for impact marks on any outside air conditioning units you may have.

On metal surfaces, hail damage is usually the easiest to see. If you have a deck, look for pockmarks from huge, strong hail (or composite or other material). Any outdoor furniture or other structures you may have are welcome for inspection. 

If any of these places exist, it is nearly a given that your roof has been hailed. You should let a professional inspect your roof for hail damage since it may be difficult to spot and requires special treatment.

Estimate The Likeliness of Wind and Debris Damage

Many blown and falling debris may remain after a storm with strong winds. In the Atlanta metropolitan region, where strong winds are usually prevalent, the combination of huge trees may be quite dangerous. 

Search your yard for any branches that have fallen. Some of the debris all over the place affected your roof. Of course, if you can see the branches on your roof, you may assess the damage using other techniques, including peeking into the attic or below.


Even if you don’t live in a region that frequently has severe weather, it’s crucial to be aware of the possibility of storm damage to your roof. Have your roof checked for damage regularly and following any severe weather occurrence. To prevent future damage and potential leaks, have any damage fixed as soon as possible by a reputable roofing provider.

Residents and business owners in Vermont may get a broad range of roofing services from Three Mountain Roofing, including new installs, EPDM, and standing seam roofs. Contact us if you’re looking for a roofing company for a free inspection. 

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