A Roofing Company’s Guide When A Home Fails Roof Inspection

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October 29, 2022

Getting a new home can be exciting yet complicated, confusing, and chaotic, with many cooks in the kitchen. There are some things buyers usually overlook when finding a new place to settle. But if the owner sells their old house needing a new roof, it can slightly complicate your purchasing process. And it’s crucial to address all roof issues before locking in your new home. 

Homeowners must replace their roofings approximately every 20 to 25 years, depending on the roofing materials and installation quality. While you might need minor repairs before that time, homeowners who want to stay in the home for over 15 years must replace the roof. 

Whoever requests it, your home failing the roof inspection can make it challenging to get a mortgage, putting off your lender. Fortunately, you can still make a home sale if you ask a roofing company to repair the damage before sealing the deal. This article will discuss what to do when the house fails inspection and when to call roofing companies. 

3 Things To Do When The House Fails Roof Inspection

1. Reduce The Offering Price

You can get a bid to replace or repair the roof from licensed roofing companies. After identifying the costs, you must deduct this cost from the home’s offering price. Real estate agents must also sign an amended purchase agreement reflecting the lower offering price. If the seller is hesitant with the proposal and you’re amenable, you can ask them to split the repair costs. 

2. Up The Offering Price

You must add the repair costs to your mortgage if the seller hesitates to fix your roof. It only works if the house’s price is less than the current market value. For instance, if the contract purchase price is $100,000 and your house’s appraisal costs $120,000, you have $20,000 to work with as long as your lender approves a larger loan.

You can ask your real estate agent to up the purchase price amount with a caveat that the seller repairs the roof before sealing the deal. 

3. Negotiate Terms

Lastly, you can amend the contract by retaining the purchase price but asking the seller to pay for the roof work before or after closing the deal. If you opt for the latter, you must ensure that the lender won’t require roof certification before closing the contract. 

Creaking Signs To Call A Roofing Company

No homeowner wants a new house with a deteriorating roof. Homesellers typically conduct roof inspections and ask roofing companies to repair the necessary damages before selling their properties to others. However, if you managed to pass the purchasing process without conducting a roof inspection, we suggest getting an idea of the roof’s condition when negotiating with the seller on price. 

This section can help you determine when the roof needs an urgent call from the roofing companies. 

1. Watch Out For Moss, Warping, And Sagging

First, you must step back as far as possible to get a better view of the roof. Moss, displaced or warped shingles, and obvious saggings need an urgent roof replacement. 

2. Stains And Discoloration

You must also check the home’s ceilings and rooms’ corners. Discolorations and stains strongly indicate roof leaks and hidden water damage. 

3. Asphalt Granule Deposits

At the same time, check the gutters and downspouts to see if they have asphalt granule deposits from deteriorating shingles. 

4. Weak Flashing Material

Lastly, brittle flashing materials warrant an urgent call for roofing companies. Contractors use flashing to seal the roof’s seams against leaks. Consider replacing tar or cement flashings with metal to ensure better durability and protection.

You can also determine the roof’s age by requesting the home maintenance records from the seller. While the top may be in stable condition, 10 to 15 years old roofings might need replacement.

Capping Off The Deal

Your roof is essential to protect you and the rest of your home from outside elements. If you want to sell your home at some point, you must ensure that it passes the roof inspection and make necessary repairs to attract potential buyers. 
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