Methods of Determining the Age of Your House’s Roof

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December 26, 2022

Unless you ask specific questions about your home’s past, you won’t be aware of its full background. The most important information to learn about is the age of your roof. 

The majority of roofing professionals predict that roofs will endure twenty-five to thirty years. You have to find out how old your roof is unless you designed and built your house from the ground up.

Before buying your property, you should know the precise date when your current roof was installed because this is a substantial investment. Knowing your roof’s age can help you prepare for its replacement, as well as foresee potential issues and what you can do to avoid them.

Below are a few methods to determine the age of your roof.

Consult the Former Owners

After you’ve moved into your new house and closed the deal, you shouldn’t stop communicating with the prior owners. Most homeowners are more than happy to answer any inquiries you may have on the condition of the home, including when the roof was most recently updated. 

Usually, you can ask these questions without consulting a lawyer. The former owners may be able to tell you when the current roof was put in if they lived there for a long time.

Track Down the Building Permit

Find out if your county needs a building permit for roof installations by doing a little research. If it does, get in touch with the county administration and ask for a copy of the permit. 

This is one of the most accurate sources of information you are likely to uncover and will include the precise date the roof was placed.

Ask the Roof Replacement Company for a Copy of the Receipt

The previous owners might have remembered the roofing company that renovated the roof. They might have thrown away their duplicate of the receipt, though. 

If you know the company’s name, you can get in touch with them and obtain a copy of the receipt or ask the former owners to do so instead. Companies that install roofs frequently keep records of all the work they do.

Obtain a Quote from a Roofer or House Inspector

If everything else fails, you may hire a house inspector to assess the condition of the roof and determine its age. These people have extensive training in their industry. They can provide you with a trustworthy examination and are aware of the symptoms of advanced age.

A roofing firm offers the same kind of service. You should be aware, too, that a specialist sent by a company that installs roofs won’t likely be as objective as a home inspector who has nothing to sell.


Roofing contractors offer the knowledge and skills necessary to replace your roof. Roof installation is a very difficult and complicated task. It is not the kind of thing you ought to attempt, even if you enjoy DIY.

A roof’s primary function is to shield your house from the elements. The inside and exterior rooms of your home may have long-term issues if it is placed improperly or with subpar materials.

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