Committed to Community

More Than Roofing

At Three Mountain Roofing we believe that our responsibility extends beyond the roofs that we build. Our dedication to excellence is matched by our commitment to the communities that we serve and live in. From Rotary and farmers markets to youth sports leagues, we proudly support them, because we live here too. That is why we’ve asked each member of the TMR family to choose a charity close to their heart to support and promote. We invite you to join us in making a difference. Below, you will find personal stories from our team members about the charities they support and how you can contribute to these worth causes. Together, we can make a difference and build a stronger community.

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Lee Anderson

Vermont Food Bank

Food insecurity in our country is a far larger problem than one would ever imagine, and Vermont is no different. I’ve gone through a lot of things in my life but going hungry fortunately was not one of them, and I believe that our neighbors shouldn’t either. When children go to school on an empty stomach it makes it harder to concentrate and retain the information that they are being taught. This ultimately puts them at a disadvantage in life, one that is avoidable. Adults are similarly affected, if you’re worrying about where your next meal is coming from it’s hard to focus on anything else. Please consider the Vermont Food Bank for your charitable giving.

Alisa Anderson

Jenna’s Promise

Jenna’s Promise resonates with me as first and foremost I am a mother. Addiction can happen to anyone and that is really the story of the creation of Jenna’s Promise. The folks at Jenna’s Promise work hard at turning lives around and helping people learn a new pathway. We are proud to support their mission!

Lisa Vanat

Jenna’s Promise

Unfortunately, most of us have either lost someone to cancer, know someone who has or had cancer, or have battled cancer ourselves. I have survived breast cancer twice, and Lamoille Area Cancer Network has supported me both times. Lamoille Area Cancer Network is a non-profit organization that recognized the need to assist people in our local Vermont communities that have been diagnosed with cancer. The physical and emotional stress of being diagnosed with and beginning the battle with cancer can be overwhelming. The financial burden of the fight grows as well. It is LACN’s goal to help lessen the impact. The mission of LACN is to act as an emergency fund source to assist families and individuals in the Lamoille Area with small grants while they are going through their journey with cancer. Thanks to the generous support of our Vermont community, that continues to make families’ lives facing cancer easier financially.