Roofing Repairs [Is It Possible to Replace Your Roof in Sections]

One of the most neglected features of a home and often needs replacements and repairs is our roofs. And when you need to deal with repairs and replacements, it can be an incredibly tedious task, especially when you think you need to peel off the whole roof and start all over again. 

Roofs are rarely single, flat expanses. The great news is that roofs come in sections, and with that being said, you're probably wondering if roofers can do replacements in sections. This is a valid question because there are some instances where some shingles can be bad, while others may be perfectly fine, so what's the best solution for cases like this?

When dealing with roofing issues, it's always best to work with the best roofers to ensure that they use the right solutions and techniques to ensure proper repairs. 

But if you're still curious about roofing repairs and if you can do it in sections, keep reading. This article will tell you more about it!

Can I Replace My Roof In Sections?

Answer: Yes

When you have minimal roof damage, you can have limited replacements for your roof and unitized materials. Unitized materials are pieces that are put together to assemble an entire roof. Some of the unitized materials that you can replace in sections include:

Metal panels;
Tiles, and;

When you're dealing with unitized materials, these are often made of commercial quality and used for flat roofs, and in some cases, most residential homeowners may not require that kind of replacement. Speaking to the best roofers can help you determine whether you can replace your roof in sections, allowing you to save more and avoid additional expenses.

Answer: Maybe

If the damage to your roof is extensive, limiting your replacement and repairs may not be a cost-effective and time-efficient way to deal with the damage. For this reason, your local roofer should inspect your system and ensure that the following are in good shape:

Roof deck;

If the damaged area is minimal and is only found in a section of your roof, then you can replace that one section. However, this isn't always an ideal strategy since roofing materials are often sold in bulk, and matching shingle colors can be quite tricky. 

Answer: No

There are a plethora of roofing issues that you need to consider, and when you want to only replace a section, many contractors will advise against it. This is because your roof has been exposed to years worth of environmental factors, and only fixing a section won't stop giving your roof more issues and damage. 

When you replace a single section, it'll be harder to replace the entire roof in the future. And since it isn't a cost-effective strategy, it's best to replace your entire roof, especially when the damage is quite alarming. However, it's still a good idea to discuss your roof situation with your roofer to ensure that the best solution is used and the ideal outcome is achieved. 

The Bottom Line: Roof Replacements Will Depend on the Severity of the Damage

Roofs are quite tricky to deal with, but when you speak with the best roofers, they'll be able to give your better and smart solutions that will benefit your home in the long run. So depending on your situation, you may or may not replace your roof in sections; but remember to choose the most beneficial and cost-effective solution. 

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