Debunking 2 Common Myths about Metal Roofing [What to Know]

As one of the most preferred roofing materials in the United States, metal has undoubtedly picked up a reputation as a popular option that offers many benefits, unlike any other material. 


According to a study conducted by the Metal Roofing Alliance, metal itself has become the second most preferred roofing material in the country. In fact, for most newly-built homes today, you’ll quickly notice that most of the materials that are used for their roofing solutions are fully metal. 


Considering that metal has picked up a reputation built on low-maintenance benefits and dependable long-term performance features, it’s easy to see why most people are opting to have it for their homes. At this moment, you’re probably thinking of getting a metal roofing set up so that you can make the most out of your home’s lifespan and ensure that it offers more comfort!


A few myths that you’ll need to get out of the way


Although it’s clear that metal roofing is becoming more popular than ever because of the different benefits it provides, many homeowners are still holding back on the possibility of investing in this material. This mainly happens simply because of the myths that surround it. Just like any other solution, metal roofing faces all kinds of myths because of the misunderstanding and total lack of familiarity that still float around. 


Thankfully, you won’t have to fall for such misconceptions and miss out on the valuable opportunity to outfit your home with one of the best roofing solutions on the market because we’ll debunk some myths for you: 


Myth #1: Metal roofing is limited in terms of styling and color options

One of the most common myths that people end up falling for when thinking whether or not to get a metal roof is that they think they’ll only have a small number of options for customization. 


Well, this simply isn’t the case!


Aside from providing many benefits, today’s metal roofing options offer a near-endless number of design options, thanks to the material's flexibility to be turned into anything during the manufacturing process. Today’s options on the market—such as those offered by Three Mountain Roofing—come in many design options in terms of color and design. In fact, some of our options can be custom-ordered to mimic the look of shakes, slate, and clay tile, all while increasing the durability and performance they deliver! 


Myth #2: Metal roofing is a disaster waiting to happen under extreme conditions


Admittedly, the thought of getting metal roofing can seem like a disaster or home hazard waiting to happen because it’s a heap of alloy on top of a home. Yet, the reality is quite the opposite.


Compared to its other alternatives, modern metal roofs are by far the most durable option on the market today because they are constantly refined and developed each year. The roofing options in question are now even capable of withstanding 140 mph hour winds at the very least, won’t buckle on heavy snow and ice loads, and can act as a shield during wildfires! 




As a homeowner looking to protect your property at all costs and ensure that you and your family can live safely and comfortably, metal roofing is one of the most effective upgrades you can ever get. If there are a few myths or misconceptions that may be holding you back from getting a high-quality roofing solution over your head, keep this guide in mind so that you don’t end up falling for them!

Are you looking for residential metal roofing in Vermont for your home's next transformation phase? Three Mountain Roofing has got you covered with the best options that can be found in the entire locale. Visit our website today, and get in touch to schedule an appointment with our professional contractors!

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