Did You Know a Steep Roof Pitch Has Several Advantages

When designing a new home, you may have considered dozens of factors. One of these factors could be, “Will the style I choose fit my personality?” Another could be, “Where should I build this home to fit my needs and my budget?” One factor you may not have considered is whether or not a steep roof should be incorporated into the design of your home.

Steep Roofing

There are quite a number of advantages to having a steep roof pitch. Roofs that are steeper than their competitors are generally more energy efficient and less susceptible to sun damage. They have numerous benefits that make them better in different situations.

If the thought of building an A-frame or gothic home has never crossed one's mind, it's important to remember that there are plenty of styles, shapes, and sizes. Steep roofs are beneficial to them all!

What Is A Steep Roof?

For the most part, people generally consider any roof with a rise-to-run ratio of six-to-twelve as steep. That means it would rise six inches in span for every foot it runs in length. Residential roofs in today's modern times don't really shoot beyond a pitch that's 12:12. Extreme pitches are still commonly found in older homes, though.

Steep pitch roofs have plenty of benefits compared to roofs that are gradually pitched; they also last longer.

Read on to learn more about the key benefits of steep roof pitches:

Steep Roof Pitches Are Efficient In Terms of Energy

Steep roofs allow for the advantage of a cold roof system, which is a key feature of homes that are in climates with particular coldness. Cold roof systems have a steep angle, allowing snow and water to slide off more easily. Air is better able to flow between the timber and roofing tiles on top of the ceiling in any home. 

When there is no cold roof system in place, the heat in a home will escape. That means it's necessary for payments to be made in order for a roof to stay warm. This makes a home far less energy efficient while inflating heating bills dramatically.

By installing a cold roof sytem, you can significantly reduce the amount of damage the roof sustains from snow and ice. What typically happens with a warm roof is that snow and ice melt as your house warms up and begins to drain. As the water drains, it freezes and refreezes on the cold edges of your roof, causing ice dams and further damage.

Steep Roof Pitches Help With Space

Chances are you have a whole lot of stuff, some of which you're not exactly sure how to deal with. Beyond a junk drawer, there are probably old pictures or outdated toys and the like just sitting around. You can get extra storage space from a steep roof. Attics give your home more room to breathe.

No issues with storage? You'll still be able to have extra living space thanks to steep roofs.


Roofing systems are one of the most important aspects of any structure, whether commercial or residential. Steep roofing brings a number of benefits. This includes additional space and energy efficiency.

Trying to find a roofing company that can help with your steep roof? Reach out to Three Mountain Roofing today! We provide business owners and residents across Vermont with a variety of roofing services, storm restoration and new installations and all.

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