Why Spring Is the Best Time to Replace Your Roof—What to Know

The first whiff of spring is always so comforting after the chill of summer. Flowers start to bloom, and greenery begins to show across lawns and parks alike. Spring brings about new life—and along with it comes everything you put off because of winter that will need to be accomplished!


A roof inspection is one of those crucial tasks to accomplish as soon as the spring season arrives. Any issue that shows up on it must be addressed immediately in order to avoid a worse scenario. If your roof has been a nagging concern, the dawn of spring is the perfect time to focus on it.


To emphasize that point, here are some reasons why the spring season is the best time to handle a roofing replacement:

Easy Scheduling


Summer is the busiest season for roofing contractors, so if you want your roof replacement project to be handled quickly, early spring is the best time to begin. You’ll be able to coordinate your schedules and communicate much more quickly. And when the temperatures start to become nicer and more bearable, the roofers will be able to finish the work in no time!


A roofing crew with a freer schedule will also be able to deliver much better and more deliberate service. As such, roof replacement in the spring means thorough and high-quality work.


More Affordable


Early spring is slow for most roofing contractors, so they may quote lower prices to attract more clients. Less work means that the roof replacement market is much more competitive and kinder to those who require these services! This way, you can get the best contractor for an affordable price.


Roofing materials are likely to be cheaper during the spring, too. Because fewer projects are being done, roofing suppliers lower their prices. Your overall quote will be much lower than if you schedule your project for late summer!


Perfect Weather


Spring is the perfect time to spend hours upon hours outdoors, making exterior home improvement projects go by much more quickly. The mild breeze, low humidity, and pleasant sunshine make the roof replacement process easy. Imagine if you had to replace your roof during the height of summer—the heat alone would render almost any living being catatonic!


Roof replacement during the spring also ensures the ideal environment for a sturdy, well-made roof. Moderate heat from the sun will help newly installed shingles seal perfectly. In contrast, exposing your roof to high humidity during the summer can lead to moisture damage.


The Basics of Roofing Replacement


Professional replacement of a medium-sized roof can take 3 or 4 days if your contractor works at peak efficiency. The overall process consists of:


1. Removal of shingles, damaged flashing, and drip edging. All torn-off materials should be collected in a roll-off dumpster.


2. Installation of sheathing, ice dam protection, and asphalt roofing paper to keep water from penetrating the roof.


3. Installation of metal drip edges along the sides and valley flashing where two roof planes meet.


4. Tab shingles are applied from the eaves and upward toward the peak of the roof. Vents are installed as the shingles progress layer by layer.


5. Brand new flashing is installed around all the roof’s vulnerable areas, such as the chimney, skylights, and vents.


6. While not necessary, roof replacement is an excellent opportunity to install a ridge vent along the roof’s peak. This helps air circulation in your attic and prevents ice dams from forming during winter.




Spring brings flowers, grass, a fresh breeze—and the perfect environment to get on with your home improvement projects! Roofing contractors have freer schedules, and roofing materials are cheaper, so all elements are in place for an efficient, affordable project. All that’s left is to find the best contractor near you to handle the job, and your spring renovations are going to be a breeze!


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