What You Need to Know About Roof Replacement Services

While many roof companies exist to provide the best roofers that can work on various issues, it pays to know how often you’ll need to schedule an inspection. Many issues can arise over a few years, and Vermont’s climate and weather can cause lots of damage to your roof shingles. If you keep this unrepaired or left to rot, property damages can occur and become an expensive fix. 

Homeowners often request roof replacement in Vermont because of the cold winters that cause shingles to crack and other foundational materials to become soggy. As frost melts, the area’s muddy winters can cause lots of issues with structural integrity, which you’ll definitely want to fix immediately. Here’s how often you’ll need the services of the best roofers near you:

How Often Do You Need Roof Replacement?

You’ll only know when you’ll need a whole replacement after you start scheduling roof inspections. Various telltale signs indicate that roof shingles may be damaged, requiring prompt attention. Otherwise, you’ll need to know what the professionals say about your home’s status. 

Booking the help of roofing companies in Vermont to conduct inspections twice a year is the best way to discover any issues that may be underlying. The best times are during the spring and in the fall, or before and after a heavy winter season. Since Vermont is to the United States’ north-east area, snowfall can be heavy with the occasional hail storm or blizzard that can damage a home. 

Various temperature fluctuations and hail storms can cause roof shingles to receive damages, which will cause leaks inside a home once the ice thaws. If you notice any issues before the winter season, be sure to address these immediately to prevent further damage that may be irreparable until winter passes. 

What Roofing Companies in Vermont Look for During Inspections

The first sign that any contractor looks for before deciding if a roof replacement is needed is the shingles. Since these can be damaged by harsh winds, heavy snowstorms, and other weather conditions, the shingles are the first signs of any needed repairs. Other signs that indicate a need to replace are sagging shingles or those out of their place. 

Next, they’ll look for signs of mold or decay, which can damage the roofing’s structural integrity under the shingles. Growth like this can indicate more extensive issues, which will sometimes require a full-scale replacement to ensure that nothing enters the home. Water damage and leaks will also be monitored, which can cause problems like interior mold growth and damaging the foundation of your home. 

If any of these are problematic, contractors might recommend replacing the shingles with various materials. The best ones that roofing companies in Vermont recommend are asphalt shingles, as these last up to 20 years and can be adapted to different types of homes. They can also save energy and are very cost-effective. However, a cheaper option is metal roofing, and is better at protecting the house and will require less maintenance over time. 


Roofing companies in Vermont are always aware of the issues that come with the local climate and temperature drops. Ensure that you take care of your roof and always contract a roof professional’s services to do the inspections bi-annually. With the right materials used, these products will last longer and provide top-tier protection. 

Three Mountain Roofing is a premium roofing contractor company in Vermont that provides various roofing systems and other post-storm restoration services. Your roof is essential in daily life, and investing in it will be the best way to go in the long run. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your roofing issues and questions. 


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