4 Types of Ideal Rooftops for Homeowners [A Guide]

Homeowners like you know that paying attention to curb appeal is an essential part of viewing real estate as an investment. That’s why knowing what kind of roofing to use should be one of the things to watch out for, whether you are buying a house or doing major renovations. However, you may be clueless as to which rooftop option is the appropriate one for your context. To help you have a better understanding, consider the following types to compare and make the right call for your situation: 

Curved rooftops 

If your house has a curved roof, it’s possible that it may stand out from the rest because it’s one of the unique styles. Modern ones are also made with durable metal and easy to install, meaning you can expect them to be accomplished by skilled roofing contractors easily. 

The curvature also acts as great weatherproofing, allowing you to preserve your space better. However, you may have to spend more on materials since they can be costly, depending on your house’s exterior style. Thus, it would be best to acquire this kind of roofing only if you are sold on its benefits and are willing to maintain it when necessary. 

Flat rooftops

You may see flat roofing in many apartment complexes, commercial buildings, and modern-day homes. It’s because of its budget-friendliness and daily cheaper installation as compared to traditional roofing styles. 

What you do have to be mindful of is preventive maintenance, especially during harsh weather conditions and falling debris. If you don’t, your flat roofing can result in pooling and water damage. As such, if you live in an area with high rainfall volume, select curved roofing or other styles instead. 

Hipped rooftops

Hipped roofing means having three or more planes on your structure that connect with a horizontal join. They are often preferred among most homeowners because of their weather resistance. Most roofing contractors even claim that hip roofs can withstand strong gusts of winds, such as cyclones; hence their presence among most suburban communities. You can even opt for shade windows for optimal temperature control indoors. What you do have to adjust to are possible leakages (most hip roofing suffers from them) and the noticeable lack of attic space. 

Thus, ensure that you have the proper warranties with your hip roofing to address water damage and other inconveniences. You may also have to inspect it twice a year to patch up any holes. Fortunately, since this style of roofing is often cost-effective because of its functionality, it may be the perfect choice for your home. 

Gabled rooftops 

Your traditional house may benefit from a garbled rooftop because of its classic two-plane design that meets in the center ridgeline. It’s a great way to enhance curb appeal while offering functionality through ventilation and attic storage. 

On the downside, you can expect this roof to easily get damaged by strong gusts of wind and harsh weather. It means you may have to spend more on maintenance and installation to be assured of your household’s well-being. Fortunately, if you partner with reliable contractors, you can easily pull off this iconic roofing style. 


Choosing the right roofing for your house may be challenging due to its many types that can overwhelm you, but you can just refer to the information mentioned above to make an informed decision. Meanwhile, if you need extra professional assistance for your roofing concerns, feel free to contact our team. We can help you pick the perfect materials, structure, and other crucial factors for your convenience. 

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